THE ARTIST -  '' KENNY MACK ''                                                                                                           

     KENNY MACK, has been writing songs for many years. When he started writing''  He was still in high school,and this was many years ago .Kenny had a love for all kinds of music. While he was in the military, he was writing so often . He decided to finally have one of his songs recorded. When he did - ''He loved it so much   He made the statement '' I was hooked'',  All Kenny could think about was having a song he had written recorded. Kenny decided to get out of the military . He moved back to his home state Virginia  and decided to have more of his songs recorded.Then Kenny decided that Virginia was't the best place for him,  but this made a problem for him because he was living with his mother in this broken down house he was born in, and this was in the country with no one living close by. This didn't stop Kenny, because when his  military benefits came in .Kenny purchased a small piece of land and a house trailer, moved his mother in it.  ''As fast as a bullet Kenny was gone.'' Kenny moved to Los Angeles with only a bus ticket, and about 30 dollars. It was very hard, but Kenny was determined to be in the music capitol. Kenny was blessed to get a job later, and a while later was able to start back recording. Kenny also got more involved in the church and GOD blessed him wth a great anointing. This inspired Kenny even more, because Kenny went on to meet the great Andrae Crouch, and record with one of Marvin Gaye's back up singers, and also the lead singer of the emotions. Kenny also became close to the great Joe Jones before he passed. Mr Jones did the big hit ''YOU TALK TOO MUCH''. Mr Jones educated Kenny in a lot of areas  and legal matters in the business.